Uppd is a fantastic blog that I have been reading for a while now. James is an entertaining writer with engaging posts, not only about finance but about optimizing your over all lifestyle.

I am delighted to welcome him as a guest on “Thrifty Tips” Series so without further a do, let’s hear from the gent himself:

Outsource Your Brain

The human brain is an incredible thing! That is a fact. However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find your brain can easily recite the whole of Eminem’s back catalog yet can’t remember to take the trash out on the right day of the week.

My number one tip is to remove these tasks from your brain and keep them somewhere else. Anything time sensitive, get it in a digital calendar and set reminders. Anything that just needs to get done, get it in a to-do list. Your brain is a fantastic computer, let it have space to work at its highest level.

Do you need to remember to re-balance your investments once a year? Or the date your tax-free allowances reset on your investment accounts? These are things that are so easily forgotten if the brain is left to its own devices.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I forgot a birthday or important date because I get notifications up to two weeks before.

There is another incredible benefit to doing this. When your brain is not taken up remembering trivial things you have infinitely more bandwidth to get more things done:

  • Start a side hustle to increase your earnings?
  • Become more productive at work, smashing your goals and getting that bonus.

The second a new task arrives, get it stored somewhere. The amount of time I spend shouting reminders at Alexa drives my partner mad. The hilarity in hearing her recite my misheard reminder back to me… priceless!

Ensuring nothing is forgotten and that your most important tasks get done is a sure-fire way to put you on the right track towards huge leaps in income. From something as simple as a well organised to do list.

If nothing else, there is a huge decrease in mental stress. Knowing every task that you need to get done is stored safely; that is it won’t be forgotten and that it is out of your brain is an awesome feeling. Plus, now that you’ve mastered Eminem’s back catalog, where is his new music going to fit?

If you want to learn more about how to set up your to-do list in the best possible way, I’ve got a whole article on it on my blog. You can find that here.

About the Author

I’m James and I am the founder of Uppd UK. I founded the blog in late 2018 aiming to help people just get 1% better in all aspects of their lives. Making small but constant improvements to propel you towards your goals. If you aim to go to bed 1% better than you woke up every single day, in 12 months time you’ll be amazed at the changes.

I live over in sunny Cornwall, England with my partner, 2 dogs, leopard gecko & African pygmy hedgehog. It’s very early days in my FI journey, but I’m aiming to be traveling the world free of work within the next 20 years.

Where you can find Uppd UK

Twitter: @uppduk
Pinterest: uppduk

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