I heard an interesting fact that over 90% of blogs won’t make it past the year mark. I cannot find the exact fact and figure but I wanted to start this off with Blogging is hard!

I’ll be one of the only people to tell you that right out the gate. I am not trying to dissuade you, actually quite the opposite. I am just managing your expectations. It will not make you a millionaire overnight but it will be hugely enjoyable if done right.

Blogging is really hard.

  • It takes a LOT more time that you think
  • You will receive very little traffic initially
  • Somewhere in the first 3 – 6 months, you’ll second guess starting the blog

These are the big things that will circle around your head over and over in the first few months. But don’t let it stop you, keep going!

Why start a blog?

First things first, why should you start a blog:

Writing: Blogging is a platform to get your ideas, thoughts, opinions and stories out in the world. Writing can be fun and frustrating and is a skill you can hone.

Marketing: Nearly half of all Fortune 500 companies have a blog these days. Many businesses run a blog to promote themselves, drive sales and as a marketing tool.

Money: This is very common. We all hear of the blogs that make $10,000 a month, maybe even $100K. Making money with a blog is manageable but making a lot of money will take work but is possible.

Community: You may have a passion for a particular topic be it sports, fashion, parenting or in my case, personal finance. None of my friends are interested in that so I started a blog because it immerses me in a topic that I enjoy.

Focus on your goals

Set out the goals you wish to achieve with your blog. Let’s say you earn $50,000 each year and want to replace that with blogging. That give you a tangible mark to reach.

This will not happen over night but it is possible. You will need to post consistently for months, if not years.

Persistence is key. Those who persist not only survive, but thrive! That’s what we want… this is Thrifty Thrivers, isn’t it?

Don’t go it alone

Blogging is hard enough so get some help. There are loads of groups online, specific blogging communities that aim to help other bloggers both get started and with more advanced issues.

Reddit, Facebook or Twitter are great placed to start. Join a group, get involved. It is not about promoting the blog, but rather about engaging with other humans and sharing advice.

Next up is how to set up your blog….

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