I am delighted to introduce my very first guest on the “Thrifty Tips” Series!

From One Geek to Another is a great blog with very honest and personal stories. But enough from me and lets hear about the best piece of advice they received to help with Financial Independence from Ms FOGTA herself:

Stop comparing yourself to other people.

The best tip I got was the simplest: Stop comparing yourself to other people. It’s your path, your rules and it’s different for everyone. While this obviously applies to the “Keeping Up with the Jones” Effect (aka you don’t need a new car just because Bob got one), it applies even more so with the Personal Finance community.


Our community is absolutely fantastic. Everyone celebrates your high moments and supports & consoles you through your lowest ones. It’s because they are so awesome that your brain will inevitably have you start to compare.

“He was able to put an extra $5000 towards his student loans this month. Why couldn’t I do that?”

She retired at 28. I just started this at 35. I already missed the boat.”

“It’s January 3rd, and they’ve already maxed out their IRAs and put money into their investment account. What am I doing wrong?”

The answers are you can & will, you haven’t, and nothing. You are doing absolutely nothing wrong! Their success is not your failure. The simple fact is everyone’s path is different. Everyone is working hard towards their goal, and everyone has different factors to consider to get there. We’re dealing with differences in debt, income, families, upbringing, education, ethnicity, gender, etc. There is no way everyone will be able to do everything at the same time in the same way. It’s simply not possible.

Here’s some great news though. This community is full of people who share their experiences with you. Their successes and failures are right there for you to read. We learn from one another and help each other succeed on our own terms.

You are your own person with your own experiences, and that leads you to do things your own way. That’s one of the best things about the pursuit of financial independence. No one gets there the same way. Your path is your own, and we look forward to cheering you on the whole way. 😊

About the Author

I’m G, and I am the writer for From One Geek to Another. The blog was started in 2018, and it’s about my journey towards FIRE. I am still quite new at blogging and have a lot to learn. I live in Tampa, Florida with my husband and cat. Feel free to learn more about me at

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