First €100k of wealth in the hardest

€100,000 is a lot of money. It is the first milestone of building wealth for a lot of people.

Plain and simple, I do not have €100,000 saved up so it is still a very nice sounding sum of money.

I keep hearing that the first €100,000 is the hardest. I guess I understand the principle behind why that is true but I need to see cold, hard facts and figures.

Run the numbers of increasing wealth

Starting with €0, and adding €1,500 each month to your investing account. As always, assuming a 7% average return in a S&P 500 index fund.

€100,000     4 years 9 months
€200,000     3 years 7 months
€300,000     2 years 11 months
€400,000     2 years
€500,000     1 year 10 months
€600,000     1 year 8 months
€700,000     1 year 5 months
€800,000     1 year 4 months
€900,000     1 year 2 months
€1,000,000  1 year 1 month

As you can see, the time between each €100,000 decreases. The first €100,000 will take nearly 5 years and the last €100,000 to break the million mark will take just over a year.

This is based purely on a monthly €1,500 deposit. Increase this up and you will see those numbers drop further. Check it out for yourself using your own numbers.

I am lucky in that my modest nest egg is sitting pretty at €21,000 roughly so this knocks 1 year and 1 month off the first €100,000.

All in all, it will take 23 years and 1 month to become a millionaire. Slow and steady wins the race.

€100,000 is a lot of money. It seems like I am an age away from reaching that milestone, but I am only 3 years and 8 months away. That isn’t very long in the grand scheme and then I am only another 3 years and 7 months from €200,000.

On paper, the first €100,000 is certainly the hardest, as it takes the longest to reach that goal if you are on the slow and steady path to wealth. Sometimes there are set backs. Sometimes there are windfalls. So it won’t be a linear path but it is great to see the numbers. Numbers don’t lie!

I am Steve, the author and owner of Fire-ishwhere I try to share my story and help people towards Financial Independence with small tips and tricks that add up. Follow me on Twitter at @fire_ish and on Pinterest. I am trying to grow my readership so if you enjoyed this post, please share it!

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