The purpose is everything

  • It will focus you and help decision making
  • It will spur you on when you are finding things tough/contemplating quiting
  • It will help you create the best content

Defining the blog is key but this is for you. We don’t suggest you start by writing down your goals and mission on the blog for the world to see (at least not immediately).

However, knowing your purpose before you even put pen to paper will ultimately help you create content that will gain followers that are interested and will engage.

We will eventually create an About Page which will contain all this information, once it has been formulated and the edges polished. We still need a start point.

Define your blog

Create your Avatar

What exactly is this? This is a concept I read on Do You Even Blog. I must admit, I skipped this step on my first blog and it hurt me. I sat down before this new blog and created my avatar

But what is it?

An Avatar is a representation of your ideal reader/target audience.

Why bother with this?

No readers, no blog! If you know who you are creating content for, who you are aiming to reach, then you will be able to connect to these readers.

How can you write something that is meaningful or life changing if you do not even know who you are writing for?

Knowing exactly who you’re writing to will not only mold the content you create, but will also drive more traffic to your sit.

How do we do this?

This is not something you will ever need to share with anyone. In order to figure out your audience, you need to answer questions about demographics and a persons desires.

Use these questions:

  1. Demographics – age, gender, nationality, education level, socioeconomic status.
  2. Financial situation – low-, middle-, high-income persons/families?
  3. Needs – what do they need from you? Let’s take a sports blog, publish year old news or results isn’t much good if your readers want the latest scores from yesterday’s game.
  4. Online presence – how do they browse the web (phone, tablet, laptop), what other blogs are they reading? What social media platform are they on?
  5. Why are they reading your blog? Education, procrastination, entertainment?
  6. Experience – are you targeting the pros or complete beginner in the field? Take my blog right now – these blog related posts are aimed at total beginners, not pros (the pros can still teach me a lot!).
  7. Aims – what do your readers wish to gain from your blog? Being able to create a blog? Become rich? Become more fashionable?

Answer some or all of these questions and you will have a good idea of your target audience and you’ll be a better blogger for it.

Next up is choosing you Blog and Domain name so get thinking!

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