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Hello and welcome to my personal finance and lifestyle blog! I created this blog in order to help me improve my finances, keep track of my progress, and to help readers improve their finances along the way. But what about me…

My name is Steve, I currently live in Ireland and I am a Doctor.

I am a young adult who graduated from university in May of 2014 with student debt. Added to other debts, I had close to €20,000 of debt.

Over the next year, I payed off my student loans in their entirety but then I stopped there as I thought that was the goal, being debt-free and that was it.

Anyway, I have been working for close to 5 years as a Doctor both in Ireland and Australia. As of writing this, I have decided to leave Medicine behind and pursue a happier career!

I hope you enjoy the website and find it informative.

My aim is to share my personal journey from shift work to choosing my own hours. I also wish to write articles about personal finance and general lifestyle as I find useful and interesting to those seeking a happier life.

If you you are intrigued by my website and the direction I am going then please get in touch by emailing or send a message on Twitter. I would also greatly appreciate you sharing and subscribing as I am trying to grow my readership.

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