Travelling is an amazing experience. Everyone should do it because you learn about new cultures and see how the rest of the world lives. If you haven’t started travelling yet, you should start planning as soon as you can! Let’s see how you can save money by following these simple travel tips:

1. Over Packing

You have planned the perfect so you why wouldn’t you have the perfect outfit for every occasion?

It is very tempting but then you find that you have several bags or bulky luggage. This creates several issues, one being that it costs you money. Your bag is over weight or over-sized so you pay for a premium to get it on the plane.

Pack things that can be used in a few different scenarios and that are convenient to carry. Why bring a pair of shoes that you will only wear once? Instead, bring 2 – 3 pairs of shoes, that can be used interchangeably. Wear the heavier of all the shoes, like your hiking boots, when you are travelling so they aren’t taking up space and weighing down your case.

Tip: Weigh your bags before you leave the house. Don’t be that person kneeling down at the counter trying to move clothes between bags in line or having to over pay to get your luggage on the plane. If you are overweight, really think about what you packed and be ruthless!! If you won’t wear it more than once, get rid of it! If you “might wear it, get rid of it!

2. Book your flight far in advance

Wait for the last minute deals…

I have heard this piece of advice from a lot of people. there are even websites called some variations of Last minute Bookings.

Crazy! Yes, you can sometimes get a great deal, but usually the closer to a flight you get, the more expensive. The more interest in a flight, the more expensive. The more full the flight, the more expensive.

So, why not book months or even a year in advance? Book when the flight is first available so that you avail of the price before any external factors drive it up.

Tip: I use Skyscanner to find the cheapest options. Careful though, use the Incognito tab on your browser so that Skyscanner won’t increase the price of the flights that are most searched for.

3. Don’t Go Roaming

Mobile phones are amazing things! It will also cost you hundreds in roaming charges if you do not have a specific plan. Solution? Turn off your roaming. SO simple, SO elegant! 

Most mobile phones will have a way to turn off your roaming. If they don’t then there should be an option to turn off any internet connection.

This is 2018, virtually every country and every, hotel, bar, restaurant or cafe in that country will have WiFi that is free to the patrons. Why buy something that is available everywhere for free?

4. Laughing at Travel Insurance

I never bought Travel Insurance. Ever. I have traveled a lot and never needed it.

Until I needed it….

I have return flights to Thailand, 2 weeks before the flight, I tore my ACL and was barely able to walk, let alone travel or do any of the planned activities. I couldn’t go and I couldn’t get the money back on the flights. The ironic thing as that the money I lost was more than what Travel Insurance would have cost me for all my trips combined. Tough lesson but lesson learned. 

You do not know when something unexpected will interrupt your perfectly laid plans. You may even be halfway through your trip and get sick or injured. Prepare for the unexpected and save money.

Tip: Buy all inclusive travel insurance from a company that will last you for the year rather than per trip. I like to use AA Backpacker Insurance as it is multi-trip cover for a full 365 days.

5. Exchange your money

If you are travelling round the European Union, you only need the Euro for most countries. Makes exchanging money so much easier. Wherever you go, you should bring local money. This can save you money on bank charges and exchange rates.

You pretty much will need to use money as soon as you leave the airport. Either a taxi or bus, food, etc. Why be stuck for cash and have to use an ATM and succumb to ludicrous international bank charges.

6. Don’t be the centre of attention

Staying in the city centre is the most expensive option. Take Dublin. There are several 5 star hotels. The ones in the city centre cost an average of €360 per night. Move 6 km out of the city centre and that drops to €149. Still a 5 star hotel and an amazing option. It is walking distance to town as well or a €2 bus ride.

7. Be flexible

Flights can be expensive but they can also be extremely cheap. You can save a lot of money by flying out on a different day, week or month.

A return flight from Dublin to New York from Friday, May 3rd 2019 to Friday, May 10th 2019 is €374. If you move that to Saturday 4th and back to Saturday 11th, the return flight is €293. A saving of €81 just by clicking 1 button.

Maybe even be flexible with your holiday destination? Go to where is cheaper at the time of year you want to save even more.

Tip: I use Skyscanner to find the cheapest options. It is easy to change the dates and you can choose direct flights or more stops if you prefer an even cheaper option.

8. Eat the Local Food

Travel is about experiencing a new cultures and trying everything that you can’t experience at home. I have met Americans travelling around Thailand who wanted to ind the nearest McDonalds… What a waste! Thailand has gorgeous street food, cooking classes that will teach you how to make the best local cuisine so you can head down to the local market and have at it. Even better, the local food tends to be far cheaper. You can buy a days worth of food from a street vendor for less than €10, compared to €20 for a meal in a restaurant.

9. Hotels were so last year!

Hotels can me very relaxing, you can be pampered and have all your needs seen to without lifting a finger. But you will pay for it!

There are fantastic websites that you can use to find great accommodation without an extra effort. Airbnb,, and many others. You can stay in a lovely apartment or house with fun hosts if you choose. Airbnb has the option to stay in the heart of Dublin, right in Temple Bar, for under €100.

10. Walk, walk, walk

Walk everywhere! I visited New York few years back and the subway is great to get around and quite cheap. But New York isn’t amazingly big, particularly around Manhattan. Let’s face it, everyone wants to spend their time in Manhattan when in New York. If you walk everywhere, you can see so much more. You can find hidden gems when you get lost down that random street. You get good exercise to work off all the amazing food and drink that you enjoy on trips. Also, it is free to walk!

I am Steve, the author and owner of Fire-ishwhere I try to share my story and help people towards Financial Independence with small tips and tricks that add up. Follow me on Twitter at @fire_ish and on Pinterest. I am trying to grow my readership so if you enjoyed this post, please share it!

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