Hey there! I’m Steve and I am here to help you earn more money, spend less, save time and carve out the life you want! Welcome to FIRE-ish!

I am a Doctor who is leaving the world of Medicine to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations. I want to help people in a completely different way and maybe in an even more life changing way.

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    I started down this path after I discovered Financial Independence.

    Financial Independence of FI is part of the FIRE movement, or Financial Independence, Retire Early.

    Sounds good, right?

    Thrifty Thrivers is the latest guide to luxurious frugality that will help you retire 20 years early, maybe even sooner. This is all about your journey and TT is all about giving you tips and tricks to help you out. Take what you want, forget the rest. Your life is your own, pick out what works for you!

    The FI community can seem extreme at times but the majority are normal people (like myself) from all over the world. Add your voice, join us at Thrifty Thrivers, tell us about your journey. You might think your story is similar to everyone else but no two people are the same and there are many paths to FI.

    What is Financial Independence?

    In a nutshell, the aim is to save 25 times your yearly expenses, invest this, and withdraw from those investments. When your investments provide more than your yearly expenses, you are Financially Independent and can retire. Now you are free to do what you like, when you like!

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    How can you do this?

    Financial Independence is achieved many different ways but there is a focus on:

    • Paying off debt
    • Reducing your cost of living
    • Reduce your housing cost
    • Increasing your savings rate
    • Investing in the stock market
    • The 4% rule
    • Real estate
    • Side Hustles
    • Travel hacking
    • Self Improvement

    I know there is a lot of information there but we will go through each on of them in a lot of detail in Thrifty Thrivers.

    Join the community!

    Genuinely one of the best things to do is to get involved with the community. They are a group of inspiring, like-minded individuals from all around the world, in every walk of life. Some are starting out, others have reached FI.

    You can get involved by signing up to the FIRE-ish email subscription, send in your story or even ask the questions you want answered on the website.

    Let’s go from simply surviving to thriving!

    I am Steve, the author and owner of Fire-ishwhere I try to share my story and help people towards Financial Independence with small tips and tricks that add up. Follow me on Twitter at @fire_ish and on Pinterest. I am trying to grow my readership so if you enjoyed this post, please share it!

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